It all starts with awesome humans

Attract them. Unlock talent. Keep them.

From defining values and shaping recruitment to developing individuals and teams – get fun, straight-talking support from our business psychologists to drive your company’s growth. 

Get the right people, with the right potential, in the right place at the right time.


As much support as you want…

Headquartered in the North East of England, we are a collective of chartered business psychologists and people professionals reaching across the UK. We scale our services to suit your needs, from help with one part of your recruitment process to a fresh look at your end-to-end people development strategy.


We offer:

Psychometric Testing

Psychometric Testing

The sharpest tool in our box for catching ‘bad guys’.

Finding the right person first time saves you a whole lot of time, money and hassle. Fun, impactful psychometric testing will keep the ‘bad guys’ out and keep productivity high.


Nurturing Talent

Grow your humans

When teams work well together using individuals’ strengths, your organisation is happier, more productive and more profitable. Help your team grow together.

Employee Selection

Recruitment and Selection

Are you looking for me?

In the scrabble for the best talent, you want your business to stand out. From employer branding to final contracts, talk to us about refining your processes to attract the right people.

Board Assessment

Board Assessment

Who’s leading the way?

Happy organisations make more profit and that comes from the top. Help your board work effectively together to lead your organisation in the right direction.


Values Based Recruitment

Select the right humans

The purpose of a values-based approach to Talent Management is to ensure that we recruit and develop the right workforce not only with the right skills and in the right numbers, but with the right values to support the growth of and development of the organisation and cultural alignment.


Organisational Development

Take a fresh look

Whether it’s fast scale-up, a merger or simply hitting the reset button, taking time to look afresh at the foundations of your business can offer invaluable opportunities.


Are we right for you?

We love working with organisations that want to attract and look after the best people they can get. We’re also realistic about the challenges you face in achieving that. You’re up against deadlines, CV avalanches and competing priorities. 

We get it. We have years of experience working in public organisations and private sector startups to PLCs, running recruitment and leading teams. 

Working with us is fun, challenging and impactful.


"This testing has been very useful and added to the process. It’s been to good to understand the risks of appointing"

Managing Director – National Park

“I can’t quite believe how accurate and useful these have been”

Head of Communications – NHS

"This is scarily accurate – have you met him?”

Finance Director – Global Construction Organisation

"It is almost like you’ve got a crystal ball – this is what we see every day"

Director of Children’s Services - Local Council


Our Values

Our values are part of our DNA. 
They guide the way we work with our business partners, with our clients and with each other.
As a values-based business, these are our non-negotiables.
They underpin our work.



Open and honest, without secrets

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