Employee Selection

Get the right people

Supporting you to define, select and hire the best people for your organisation. We help with job analysis, selection process design and selection & assessment training for your HR team.

We help organisations define, select and hire the best people for their business.


  • Measure what a high performing employee looks like

  • Design a selection process to predict high performance

  • Assess candidates against your performance criteria

  • Select the right people and accelerate their performance

Our processes are designed to assess, select and hire the whole human:

  • Intellect

  • Values, attitudes and beliefs

  • Motives

  • Behaviours

  • Experience and skills​


Selection Services

Giving a Speech

Psychometric Testing

Choosing the correct psychometric tests to enable you to select the right people. We specialise in a range of personality, aptitude and motivation tests to help with selection and development.

We use a range of tools that have been accredited by the British Psychological Society as suitable for employee selection purposes.

We assess:

  • Ability and aptitude

  • Personality, work styles

  • Motivation

  • Leadership derailers 

Hiring Manager Training

Hiring Manager Interviewing Workshop

We’ve developed a 4-hour Hiring Manager Interviewing Workshop which can be tailored to your needs and run in-house. 

We help hiring managers:

  • Become predictive in their recruitment

  • Avoid common interview mistakes

  • Know what they can and can’t ask in interviews

  • Ask effective questions

  • Understand the importance of taking notes

  • How to make bias-free hiring decisions

  • Understand the importance of the candidate experience in the process

  • Give constructive candidate feedback

Recruitment Framework Design

The purpose of a values-based approach to Talent Management is to ensure that we recruit and develop the right workforce not only with the right skills and in the right numbers, but with the right values to support the growth of and development of the organisation and cultural alignment.

We also can help:

  • Design strengths-based recruitment approaches 

  • Design competency-based recruitment systems

Job Analysis

Job Analysis

Job analysis forms the basis of effective hiring practises.  

Through a science-based approach, we help you:

  • Understand what type of human is needed for the job

  • Define the core knowledge, skills and abilities that are needed for the role now

  • Understand what skills will be needed in the future.

  • Guide performance management processes

  • Define training needs for the role

  • Supports the reward process, to underpin the compensation associated with the role