How We Work

What's it with you and pirates?

Who says we have to grow a big consultancy and have fancy offices across the globe? Who pays for that? Not our clients.

What if we want to work with the best people? Does that mean we have to hire them? And carry the overhead?

Isn't there a better way to get the best people to come together and deliver projects? 

We work with independent consultants, we win the work, we use our network to find the best people, we come together to deliver the work, we share the treasure and we go off on our merry way. 

By working with people who share our values and believe in the mission to create happier, more productive workplaces, we deliver our best work! 

We are able to scale quickly, be agile and nimble, turning projects around quickly, coming together to deliver professionally managed projects for our clients


Being More Pirate

Find out more about our inspiration for this way of operating a business. Listen to award-winning social entrepreneur Sam Conniff Allende summarise how to be more pirate!

Rebel. Rewrite. Reorganise. Redistribute. Retell.


Sam talking about our Michelle

“I’ve come to the conclusion that life is made up of talkers, thinkers and do-ers. 
The latter being the most important, with the former two making the mistake it’s they who are most important.
You are the Queen of the Do, and I am honoured to have met you.“


Our Crew

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Michelle Minnikin

The Captain / Business Psychologist

Michelle is a Chartered Psychologist, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a Board Member of the Association for Business Psychology. After a corporate career in coaching, training, career development, recruitment, employee selection & leadership development she set up Insights Business Psychology, where she helps organisations select awesome humans and helps awesome humans create awesome lives and careers.

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Jenny Manning

Business Psychologist

Jenny is a Business Psychologist with 30 years’ experience in leadership assessment and development. She has worked across diverse industry sectors in the UK and Australia supporting organisations to create a step change in their leadership capabilities. With masters degrees in coaching and business psychology, she is a Registered Psychologist (PBA). She has worked in consulting roles and in-house roles, such as Head of Assessment and Development for the BBC.


Paula Gardner

Business Psychologist

Paula is a Business Psychologist, Coach and Assessor, specialising in careers and redundancy. She is a member of the Association of Business Psychologists and author of a number of books, including The Career Pause and Pivot and Get Noticed. Paula has written for The Guardian, Psychologies and Marie Claire, among others. A previous background as the owner of a PR agency means that she brings a very commercial approach to the table.

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Fiona Kearns

Business Psychologist

Fiona Kearns is a Business Psychologist experienced in the IT/Telecom and non-profit worlds. Fiona is a member of the Association for Business Psychology and author of ‘How to Increase your Confidence’. She specialises in helping leaders fulfil their potential in business. She loves the thrill of helping clients manage their imposter syndrome to become confident, visible and more pirate.


Rachel McGuinness

Workplace Wellbeing Expert

Rachel McGuinness is a workplace wellbeing expert with 16 years’ experience in the health sector.  She works with forward thinking businesses who recognise that looking after the wellbeing of their employees brings real business benefits. Rachel specialises in helping her clients improve their sleep, eat healthier, get fitter and become more resilient.
She loves inspiring people to make changes with their health.


Helen Eves


Helen is a qualified Counsellor with a BA in Counselling. She has over 7 years’ experience working with clients with a variety of issues. She supports them to learn to cope with changes in life and the stress and anxiety which can accompany this. She works one-to-one, helping adults to come to terms with trauma, processing loss and managing stress in an effective way to maintain healthy mental health and learning to communicate more effectively with others.

If you want to join our crew, get in touch!