Nurturing Talent

Grow your Humans

When teams work well together using individuals’ strengths, your organisation is happier, more productive and more profitable. Help your team grow together.

We support organisations with leadership development coaching and mentoring on a one to one or group basis to help their people to grow, perform and progress in their roles. We help create happier and more productive workplaces.


Playing Bigger Coaching

Increasing confidence, visibility and helping people play bigger

Do you have someone in your team that could be playing bigger in their role? Are they being overlooked for opportunities? Do you feel they are wasting their potential?

We help talented humans increase their confidence, become more visible in organisations and generally play bigger and help make it easier for them to realise their potential.

We start with psychometric testing to allow our clients to get a real understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, understand values and strengths and use that information as a launchpad to success. 

Imagine if your team were able to reach their potential, the impact that could have on your organisation.

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HR & Business Psychology Mentoring

Becoming a true people business partner

Do you feel like you are not having the impact on the business that you should be having? Are you stuck in a transactional supporting role? Do you have great ideas that you can’t get your leadership team to listen to?

We help HR and Business Psychology professionals become more strategic in their approach to solving people issues, be heard, be valued and contribute to the bottom line of their organisation. We make it easier for people professionals to claim their seat at the table where decisions are made.

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Outplacement Support

Supporting career upheavals and transitions

Is there a change in your organisation that will impact your employees? Do you need to help people find roles outside the organisation? Are you looking for additional support to make the process easier?

We have a career transition programme that can be tailored to suit the individual, team or department going through a restructure or significant change to their role. We can help make the process less scary and offer additional support and reassurance for the people affected.

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