Organisational Development

Take a fresh look

Whether it’s fast scale-up, a merger or simply hitting the reset button, taking time to look afresh at the foundations of your business can offer invaluable opportunities.

At Insights Business Psychology, we combine our insights and skills to transform your people processes and strategies, and in turn, your company. We support our clients with people strategy, employee development interventions such as board assessment to get back to basics and get everyone on the same page. 

We’re proud to help shape and improve how our clients structure and manage their business.​


Organisational Design

Creating future-proof organisations

Organisational design is the process of aligning the structure of an organisation with its objectives, with the ultimate aim of improving efficiency and effectiveness.

This work can be triggered by the need to improve service delivery or specific business processes, or as a result of a new mandate.

More than just designing a structure, it involves knowing the imperative for change and the environment. We work with you to understanding business processes, workflows, roles and responsibilities, volumes of work, activity analysis and resources.

Then we work with you to design and test new models or structures. We support with planning and managing the transition from the old structure to the new, helping you implement and monitor the change process. 

Organisational Development

Improve Organisation Effectiveness

Organisational development is the planned, comprehensive and systematic process aimed at improving the overall effectiveness of an organisation.

It involves intervening in its processes, structure and culture; there is a strong emphasis on organisational behaviour, human resource development and organisational change.

We work with you to understand and diagnose any organisational issues and co-design interventions to support you with the improvement of your organisation. 

Often addressing the problems with organisations seem huge, overwhelming and scary.

We work with you to understand what is needed and what small changes can be implemented quickly.

Give us a call to confidently talk through what you need help with.