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Psychometric Testing

Choosing the correct psychometric tests to enable you to select the right people. We specialise in a range of personality, aptitude and motivation tests to help with selection and development.

We use a range of tools that have been accredited by the British Psychological Society as suitable for employee selection purposes.

We assess:

  • Ability and aptitude

  • Personality, work styles

  • Motivation

  • Leadership derailers 

We have solutions for all levels of employee from apprentice, graduate, volume, professional, managerial to executive.


Why Use Psychometric Tests?

They are:

  • They are a reliable and objective measure of an individual’s strengths, leadership derailers, abilities in comparison to other candidates

  • Identify the hidden aspects of candidates that are impossible to extract from an interview

  • Give employees self-awareness, which leads to more lasting development


Our Testimonials Do the Talking


I can’t quite believe how accurate and useful these have been.

Head of Communications - NHS

This testing has been very useful and added to the process. It’s been good to understand the risks of appointing!

Managing Director – National Park

This is scarily accurate – have you met him?!

Finance Director – Global Construction Organisation

It is almost like you’ve got a crystal ball – this is what we see every day.

Director of Children’s Services - Local Council