Psychometric Testing

The sharpest tool in our box for catching ‘bad guys’.

Finding the right person first time saves you a whole lot of time, money and hassle. Fun, impactful psychometric testing will keep the ‘bad guys’ out and keep productivity high.

Choosing the correct psychometric tests to enable you to select the right people. We specialise in a range of personality, aptitude and motivation tests to help with selection and development.

We use a range of tools that have been accredited by the British Psychological Society as suitable for employee selection purposes.

We assess:

  • Ability and aptitude

  • Personality, work styles

  • Motivation

  • Leadership derailers 

We have solutions for all levels of employee from apprentice, graduate, volume, professional, managerial to executive.


Why Use Psychometric Tests?

They are:

  • They are a reliable and objective measure of an individual’s strengths, leadership derailers, abilities in comparison to other candidates

  • Identify the hidden aspects of candidates that are impossible to extract from an interview

  • Give employees self-awareness, which leads to more lasting development


Our Testimonials Do the Talking


I can’t quite believe how accurate and useful these have been.

Head of Communications - NHS

This testing has been very useful and added to the process. It’s been good to understand the risks of appointing!

Managing Director – National Park

This is scarily accurate – have you met him?!

Finance Director – Global Construction Organisation

It is almost like you’ve got a crystal ball – this is what we see every day.

Director of Children’s Services - Local Council